33 – Exploring the World of Bible Translation

by Jill

33 – Common Translations

I explore the fascinating world of Bible translations. We all know that there are many different versions of the Bible out there, but have you ever stopped to think about what sets them apart from each other? Today, we’ll be exploring the differences between ESV, NIV, King James, New King James, NASB, and New Living Translation and helping you to understand the translation philosophy and context behind each of these versions.

As we’ll discover, choosing the right translation can be a daunting task, but it’s also incredibly important. That’s why we’ll be recommending Logos software for studying the Bible, which can help you to navigate the complexities of different translations and really get to grips with the meaning behind the words. I encourage our listeners to find a translation that resonates with them and to read multiple translations for a better understanding of the Bible.

So whether you’re a seasoned Bible scholar or just starting out on your journey of faith, this episode is for you. Join me as we explore the fascinating world of Bible translations and discover the beauty and power of the Word of God.



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