38 – Challenging the Culture of Convenience

by Jill

We challenge the status quo and explore the role of convenience in our lives as Christians. Let’s start by asking ourselves, is convenience really the way God wants us to live? While it may seem like the easy and comfortable choice, we need to question whether it’s truly serving us in the long run. We’ll explore the idea of inconvenience and how it can actually be a blessing in disguise.

We take a closer look at the message of comfort and convenience that’s constantly being promoted in our culture. Is it really in line with biblical truths? We’ll discuss the dangers of self-centeredness and how our focus on ourselves can cause us to turn a blind eye to the world around us.

We’ll also explore the ways in which inconvenience can bring us closer to God and to others. We’ll challenge ourselves to examine our relationship with convenience and comfort and how it may be impacting our faith and our ability to serve others.

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