44 – Worship of Idols in the Bible

by Jill

We’re talking about paganism in the Bible and how it still affects us today. Have you ever wondered about the gods mentioned in the Bible and how they were worshipped in the polytheistic religions of their time? Or how the concept of idolatry can manifest in our lives today, even in seemingly secular practices?

We’re also going to examine the resurgence of paganism in modern times. Why are people turning to these ancient beliefs? Is it because they’re rejecting traditional Christianity, or is it because they’re seeking something counter-cultural and different? We’ll explore these questions and more, so get ready to have your mind blown.

We’ll also delve into what defines a religious system. What is the creation story, end goal, philosophy of life, and item or entity of worship that make up a religion? And get this – we’ll even uncover how seemingly secular practices like feng shui or yoga can be part of a larger religious system.

But before we get started, let’s take a moment to reflect on the nature of idolatry and what it means for our lives today. Are we worshipping reason and scientific evidence to the point of idolatry? Are we putting too much faith in any entity, whether religious or secular? Let’s explore those questions and more and find out together what it all means for us.

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