57 -Creating a Peaceful Atmosphere

by Jill

I dive deeper into the meaning of hygge beyond just creating a cozy atmosphere in our homes. We take inspiration from Jamie Erickson’s book, “Holy Hygge: Creating a Place for People to Gather and the Gospel to Grow,” and discuss how we can cultivate gratitude and contentment in all aspects of our lives.

We explore how aspects of hygge is inspired by Jesus’ example of finding solace in prayer while also caring for and connecting with others. We should limit negative influences and prioritize time for reflection, prayer, and rest.

By creating a comfortable and peaceful environment within our homes and incorporating elements of simplicity, organization, and meaningful decor that bring comfort and evoke warm emotional memories. The atmosphere of hygge is not solely about aesthetics but rather cultivating a mindset of gratitude and contentment.

Hygge extends beyond the physical space of our homes and emphasizes the importance of cultivating an atmosphere of faith, love, and kindness. Finding joy in the midst of discomfort, reframing our perspectives, and embracing gratitude. We present hygge as a way of life that encompasses not only our surroundings but also our mindset and interactions with others.

 Let’s create a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere in our homes, while also fostering a mindset of gratitude, simplicity, and kindness. By embracing the attitude of hygge, we can find solace, build connections, and experience a sense of contentment in all aspects of our lives.

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