63 – Go From Self-Help to God’s Help

by Jill

We’ll be discussing an amazing book by Father Jonathan Morris called “God Wants You Happy, From Self-Help to God’s Help”. Join me as we explore the concept of God’s desire for our happiness and how it differs from the self-help industry, which often promotes self-reliance rather than reliance on God.
We’ll contemplate being junior partners with God in our lives, acknowledging our weaknesses, and allowing God’s love to lead us. As we delve deeper, we’ll examine the virtues of faith, hope, and love as a means to achieving happiness.
Faith encourages us to focus on God, read the scriptures, and pray regularly. Hope is cultivated through acknowledging our wrongdoings, making amends, and holding ourselves accountable. Love is demonstrated by living a life of love, as Jesus did, and recognizing that we should love others because God loves them.
But the journey towards happiness isn’t always easy. There are potential hindrances, such as pride, vanity, and love of pleasure, that can manifest in our daily lives and impact our relationships. We also consider the external threats that could disrupt our relationship with God, such as failing to pray or taking God’s grace for granted.
That’s why we emphasize the necessity of an action plan to overcome these obstacles and threats. This involves admitting our powerlessness, turning our will over to God, making amends, and following a plan to hold ourselves accountable. We affirm that God wants us to be involved in our plan, using His guidance to navigate life.


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