71 – The Last Week Begins

by Jill

In this podcast, I delve into the final week of Christ’s life, providing an in-depth exploration of the events and teachings that led to his crucifixion. We also review and discuss aspects of the book The Last Week, a day-to-day account of Jesus’ final week in Jerusalem by Marcus Borg and John Crosan. We discuss the significance of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, the confrontations he has with Jewish leaders, and his prophetic teachings about the destruction of the temple and the end times. We discuss the various interpretations of these events and their significance in the context of the Jewish faith. We also touch on the societal and political dynamics of the time, including the role of the Romans and the collaboration of the temple leadership.

Moving on, I talk about the trials and tribulations Jesus faced in the lead up to his crucifixion. I discuss the false trials, the cruel treatment he received, and the political maneuvering that led to his death. We also discuss how these events were prophesied and how they fulfilled the promises of the Old Testament. This part of the podcast brings to life the harsh reality of Jesus’ sacrifice and its profound significance in Christian faith.

I then shift to the aftermath of Jesus’ death, focusing on the reactions of his followers and the societal upheaval that followed. I discuss how the disciples went into hiding, how the Jewish leadership tried to maintain control, and the various interpretations of Jesus’ resurrection. We also touch on the concept of the afterlife and the promise of salvation, as well as the role of faith and righteousness in the Christian belief system.

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