40- Embracing God’s Love

by Jill

In this episode, we explore the true meaning behind John 3:16 and how we can take away hope and love from this passage. We continue our conversation about Max Lucado’s book, John 3:16, where he delves into the significance of God giving his only Son to save the world. The word “whoever” is explored in depth, and we learn that it means every human being, regardless of their past or present actions. God loves everybody and wants everyone back, and there’s no time or place too late to turn to him.

We also touch upon the topic of eternal punishment and how people often reject God without realizing the consequences. The prodigal son story is used as an analogy for how God always welcomes us back with open arms, no matter how lost we may feel. It’s not about the actions we take to gain God’s love, but about our relationship with him and how we show our love for him.

Throughout the episode, we are reminded of God’s love and how his grace is available to everyone. We are encouraged to let John 3:16 become the banner of our lives and to remember that God loves us unconditionally. Small steps can lead us to a deeper understanding of God’s love and our relationship with him. So let’s take those steps and embrace the love of God in our lives.

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