50 – The Emotions of God and How They Impact Our Relationship with Him

by Jill

Today, we’re going to dive deep into the emotions of God and how they impact our relationship with Him. You’ll learn that God experiences a range of emotions, just like we do, including anger, compassion, joy, grief, and even jealousy. These emotions reveal God’s deep involvement and care for humanity, and it’s fascinating to explore them further.

As we journey through this episode, we’ll highlight various instances in the Bible where God’s emotions are evident. You’ll see His anger towards idolatry and injustice. His compassion towards the repentant, and His joy in acts of faith. It’s incredible to see how God’s emotions guide His interactions with us and how we can learn from them to shape our behavior.

Ultimately, our journey with Jesus encompasses a range of emotions, but it ultimately leads to love, just as God’s emotions guide His interactions with us. We’ll explore the profound love of God as a central theme, highlighting how it’s demonstrated through His actions, such as sending Jesus to die for humanity’s sins.

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