55 – The Power of Words Spoken with Authenticity

by Jill

We’re going to explore the power of our words and the responsibility we have in presenting God’s message. In his book Don’t Drop the Mic, TD Jakes emphasizes the importance of making our presentations timeless, relatable, and authentic, ensuring that our message resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds. It’s not about the size of our audience but rather the passion and authenticity with which we deliver our message.

Jakes encourages us to “tilt the mirror” when communicating our message, finding ways to make it relatable and impactful without directly blasting or alienating our listeners. He urges us to inherit and innovate, taking the timeless message of Christ and adding our unique perspective to it. By broadening our thinking and focusing on common ground, we can galvanize people and bring them together through our message.

Bishop Jakes reminds us that we have been called to share this message and that God is with us, guiding and empowering us to reach others. He challenges us to embrace our calling, celebrate the gifts God has given us, and communicate His message with passion and purpose. Let’s make our presentations timeless, relatable, and authentic and have a lasting impact on people of all ages and backgrounds.

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