by Jill

In this latest episode, we talk about Matthew 19. Our focus is on Jesus’ journey towards his mission in Jerusalem. We discuss how he was followed by the crowd who were drawn by his miraculous healing powers and teachings. We also explore Jesus’ encounter with the Pharisees and their questions about divorce. Jesus reinforced the sanctity of marriage and how Moses allowed divorce due to the hardness of people’s hearts but only in the case of infidelity. It’s clear that Jesus’ teachings on divorce were the original intent of God and contrasted sharply with some people’s ideas.

Our conversation then turns to the subject of celibacy and marriage. We highlight how Jesus explained that not everyone is cut out for celibacy and that marriage is not a burden but a positive part of life for many. As a single person, I share my personal experiences and reflect on how being single has allowed me to devote more time to work for the kingdom including this podcast.

We then shift our attention to Jesus’ interactions with children. We discuss how Jesus welcomed children and emphasized their worth, a counter-cultural view in Roman society at the time. 

Lastly, we examine the encounter between Jesus and the rich young ruler and how it exposed the impossibility of earning eternal life through good deeds alone. We discuss the difficulty of rich people entering the kingdom of heaven and the assurance that with God, all things are possible. 

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