Matthew 28 – Resurrection Reactions of Joy and Fear

Today, we get to the end of Matthew in chapter 28.

by Jill McKinley

Today, we get to the end of Matthew in chapter 28 and explore the resurrection of Jesus and the various reactions of those who discovered the empty tomb.

 I was fascinated by the angel’s actions, such as sitting on the large stone rolled away from the tomb’s entrance, which suggested a sense of humor and energy. He is ready to show people the empty tomb and opens the large, sealed, heavy door to let them in. 

Moving on, I delved deeper into the reactions of the Roman guards tasked with watching over Jesus’ tomb. Their story of the disciples stealing Jesus’ body while they slept seemed highly improbable to me, and the story has holes in it. But the Temple structure knew this story helped them and helped the Romans not to strike them. 

Next, the focus is on Jesus’ disciples, who encounter the resurrected Jesus on a mountain in Galilee. There was natural doubt some of the disciples experienced upon seeing Jesus after his resurrection. Then Jesus issued the Great Commission given to his disciples, which serves as a directive for all followers of Christ.

Jesus’ joyful demeanor and his repeated assurances to not be afraid is stunning. This resonates with me deeply, and I express my desire to emulate this joy and fearlessness in my own life.

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