Matthew 3 – Jesus the Baptized

by Jill

In this episode, we explore the significant role of John the Baptist in Matthew Chapter 3. John serves as a bridge between the Old Testament and the New Testament, concluding the Old Testament and ushering in the New Testament through his ministry. John’s message centers around his baptism of repentance and his preaching about the coming of the kingdom of heaven. His lifestyle and mission mirror those of the Old Testament prophet Elijah, fulfilling the prophecy of Elijah’s return before the Messiah.

The crowd that comes to John for baptism is diverse, including people from inside and outside Israel, Pharisees, Sadducees, and possibly some future apostles. This reflects a universal longing among people for cleansing from sins and a closer relationship with God. However, John rebukes the Pharisees and Sadducees, warning that a mere claim to religious or ethnic heritage is not enough for salvation. He uses vivid imagery of a fruit-bearing tree and a wheat separation process to emphasize the importance of genuine repentance and righteous living.

A pivotal moment occurs when Jesus arrives to be baptized by John. Despite John’s initial resistance, considering himself unworthy to baptize Jesus, Jesus insists, marking the beginning of his public ministry. The Holy Spirit descends on Jesus like a dove, and God’s voice affirms Jesus as his beloved Son, pleasing to Him even before the start of his ministry. This event signifies Jesus’ fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies and His readiness to embark on his divine mission.

Consider where you would place yourself in the crowd around John and Jesus. The key takeaway is the universal call to repentance, confession of sins, and reliance on God’s love and grace rather than on personal achievements or heritage. 

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