Matthew 8 – Fear and Horror

by Jill

We look at Matthew 8, where Jesus descends the mountain and encounters a leper who asks to be healed. It’s a significant event, not only because a leper would typically be ostracized and kept at a distance but also because Jesus physically touches the man to heal him, which is highly unconventional. I’m also exploring the encounter with a centurion who seeks help for his paralyzed servant, thus showing a level of compassion that was likely unexpected for a Roman. But Jesus reveals the ultimate compassion, and we see that the Gospel is for everyone as is sitting with the Bible leaders in heaven.

Next, I’m discussing a situation where a scribe expresses a desire to follow Jesus, only to be cautioned about the uncertain lifestyle that comes with it. Jesus, being omniscient, is likely not disturbed by these interruptions (we think) of people begging for healing, but He sees them as part of his plan. This chapter also raises questions that left me contemplating what comforts or securities I might be unwilling to give up.

Then, I’m examining the account of Jesus calming a storm on the Sea of Galilee. It’s a fascinating instance of Jesus demonstrating his command over nature, causing even his disciples to marvel after their fears. I’m reflecting on how this event reveals the disciples’ lack of faith despite what they have witnessed Jesus do. It’s a reminder that faith is a continuous journey, and it’s not without its trials.

Lastly, I’m focusing on the story of Jesus driving out demons into a herd of pigs. This event leads to the destruction of the pigs, which upsets the townsfolk and leads them to ask Jesus to leave. It’s a stark reminder that people can sometimes prioritize material possessions over spiritual liberation. The reactions of the people in this chapter serve as a challenge for us to follow Him no matter what the costs.

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