Matthew 7 – The Two Ways

by Jill

As I delve into Matthew 7, I can’t help but think of the day the people who heard this sermon and how impactful it was to be there. At the end of the chapter, people were astonished and in awe.

I also talk about the metaphor of the speck and the log, which warns us against focusing on minor flaws in others while ignoring our significant faults. It’s important that we live a life that God would be pleased with, even though it may be challenging.

Jesus warns against the wide gate that many people take, leading to destruction. He encourages listeners to stay true to their faith and walk the narrow path. Recognizing false prophets by their actions is also crucial. It’s essential to note that we cannot judge a person’s heart, but we can evaluate the fruits a tree bears. Every action either brings us closer to God or distances us from Him.

Lastly, I discuss building our lives on a solid foundation or rock, which I interpret as Jesus Christ. Life can be challenging, but those who have built their lives on the rock of Jesus can withstand these trials. If you feel shaken by life’s storms, seek help to build your life on the rock, which is Jesus Christ. In everything, God tells us to ask, seek, and knock, and as a good father, he gives great gifts his children need.

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