66 – Uncovering Compelling Evidence.

by Jill

Hey there! In this episode, I’m diving deep into the fascinating work of Josh McDowell and his son, Sean. These two are renowned for their thorough research into the authenticity of the Bible, and their books, such as “Evidence That Demands a Verdict” and “More Than a Carpenter,” provide compelling evidence supporting the Bible’s truth.

As we explore the consistent writing and discoveries that prove the Bible’s authenticity, there are some surprising facts for you. For example, there are writings and documentation, including Coptic sermon notes, that reference Jesus and the scripture. Some people in history confirm the Bible’s consistent following and continuity and church leaders that took over churches that were founded by the apostles.

But it’s not just about the Bible – we also talk about the various contributions of the Church throughout history despite its significant flaws and hypocrisy. I want to highlight the Church’s role in creating universities, hospitals, orphanages, and charities and its significant influence on science. All of this underscores the Church’s commitment to knowledge and service.

We talk about archaeological findings that support the Bible. It’s encouraging to see the evidence for yourself and understand that such discoveries often go unnoticed, especially when they align with the Bible.

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