Matthew 10 – Apostles Called and Instructed.

by Jill

In this chapter, we talk about the calling of the disciples by Jesus. These were the first laborers sent out to gather the harvest after Jesus asked them to pray for them to come. The disciples are given the power of Jesus to perform miracles, heal, and share the word of God. Jesus tells them not to carry many things but to let the towns and homes they visit care for them.
Moving into the second part, the challenges that the disciples are set to face. The stark reality of the persecution they will face from the synagogue, the government, and even their own families. People will bring the sword and punishments of the governmental structures to His followers because of Jesus and His Word despite it being a message of meekness and peace. Despite the grim picture, Jesus assured them they need not fear, for the Holy Spirit will guide them in what to say.
In the third part, Jesus says their reward is that of the righteous and the prophets. If they do what He says, the smallest kindness shown to his apostles will be rewarded too. 

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