34 – Moving Beyond Lukewarm Christianity

by Jill

Today, we’re diving into Kyle Eidelman’s book “Not a Fan: Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus.” This book challenges readers to go beyond just being a fan of Jesus and instead become a fully committed follower.

During this episode, I share how this book has impacted my own life and why I believe it’s so important for all of us to consider what may be holding us back from giving our all to Jesus. We’ll talk about the common approach of treating faith as just a small part of our lives, only attending church on special occasions or when we need something. But, let’s be real, Jesus wants to be a fundamental part of our lives, and following him requires us to forsake everything that is contrary to him.

What’s really holding us back? Is it our love for other things in life? Our fear of what others may think? Whatever it may be, we need to recognize it and put Jesus in the number one spot in our lives. He should be the great love of our life! And this isn’t about following a set of rules or appearances, it’s about building a deep, loving relationship with him.

It’s a journey that starts with small steps. But that’s okay! Let’s take those steps together and allow Jesus to be a fundamental part of our lives. Because, let’s face it, grace is found at the feet of Jesus and he is the one who saves us. So, let’s commit to being a completely committed follower of Jesus. 

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